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Pong Craft - Naeem


Naeem’s Pong has a Minecraft theme, with a great backdrop and rather alarming head for a ball! From a coding point of view I really like the fact that this is a complete game – it has game state management so that there is a proper start screen (with instructions) and a game over screen to tell you which player ‘sucked’! Excellent stuff Naeem – your first full game published right here.

Play Pong Craft

Revenge of Pong–Laurence


Laurence’s take on the pong game is a strikingly clean look with bold contrast. Often it is better to have understated graphics, rather than trying to cram in all the whistles and bells so I think this is a good and considered choice. Well done Laurence.

Play Revenge of Pong

Mr Bouncy – James R

imageI really like the old school look and feel to James’ version of Pong. ‘Back in the day’ a second hand phosphorous green screen was only sort of monitor I could afford for my Amiga 500. Ah… them were’t days.

Start Mr Bouncy

Croquet with Alice – by Cecilia

imageAlice needs your help to knock the hedgehogs through the hoops in as few a goes as possible. Use the mouse to move Alice behind the hedgehog and click the left button to give it some ‘mallet-based encouragement’ to move in the direction you want!. Don’t worry though, only a few real hedgehogs and no real mallets were harmed in the making of this game Winking smile

Start Hedgehog Croquet